Project Details

Group: Bioprocess R&D Group
Company: Pfizer
Location: US

Project Description

The Bioprocess R&D group at Pfizer Chesterfield MO, in collaboration with Stratophase, applied the Ranger system for Dynamic Feeding Control to a CHO cell culture. The use of changes in metabolic activity to trigger feed additions on-demand was shown to optimise media composition, in particular nutrient levels, to cellular requirements in real time. The cell line used during this study was found to dictate Glucose concentrations in the range of 0.1-1.0g/l when running the Ranger system. Maintenance of such nutrient lean conditions, without nutrient starved conditions occurring, was demonstrated to result in consumption of the Lactate accumulated during the batch phase of the culture with subsequent conservation of near zero Lactate levels during the feeding phase. The media composition enabled by the Ranger system was found to enhance the performance of the cell culture.

White Paper: Pfizer Case Study Watch the Webinar here