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Ranger improves yields and reduces costs by automating control of feeding in upstream bioprocesses.

Ranger Solo is a single-use solid-state micro-optical sensor designed for use with the Ranger Manager intelligent control unit.

Photo of Ranger Solo

The Ranger Solo sensor is supplied with custom mountings in a sterilised bag, ready to be installed by the equipment manufacturer in a single-use vessel. Ranger Solo is suitable for use in any size of reactor vessel from process development to full-scale manufacturing.

  • Designed for use with single-use reactors
  • Mountings tailor-made to equipment supplier requirements
  • Biocompatible materials for FDA compliance
  • Fibre optic connectors for flexible, noise-immune set up

The Ranger system is reliable, robust, simple to install and fast to implement. It can be used with cell culture and microbial fermentations and is scalable to vessels of any size. It is ideal for process development, pilot plant and manufacturing applications. This means that the same control methodology and Ranger products can be used at all stages of the process lifecycle.