Adaptive Bioprocess Control with Ranger™

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What do we do ?

We are a biotech services company that is revolutionising the timelines to clinic and commercialisation for biologics.


How do we do it ?

We do this by rapidly optimising process development using our Ranger technology that dynamically controls the bioreactor in real time.


Who do we do it for ?

We provide this service for Biopharma, Biotech and Cell & Gene Therapy.

We are happy to confirm our membership of the recently formed National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals.


We are pleased to announce our joint collaboration agreement with Merck. This collaboration will see the application of our Ranger® technology to Merck’s cell culture manufacturing platforms and the development of dynamic control strategies that enable complex feeding regimes to be optimised and controlled in real-time.

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Case Studies


The Ranger™ Service has been voted the Best Upstream Technology Application at the 2016 BPI Awards

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