Continuous Biohazard Monitoring

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Challenge: The periodic collection of environmental samples, to be sent to a laboratory for screening, is not a sufficiently fast solution if the potential impact of the release of a threatening biological agent is to be minimised. Currently there is not an easily deployable monitoring solution, which can be used to inform authorities that a biological incident has occurred and to aid decision making during the subsequent management of the situation.

Solution: Stratophase’s optical microchip technology can be combined with the power of specific immunoassays to create a sensitive, robust and portable biodetection unit for use in the field. The system would allow the rapid detection of biothreats or contaminants quickly, facilitating rapid, informed decision making and the saving of lives in a range of scenarios.

SpectroSens Advantages:

Robust, portable biodetection platform for continuous monitoring
Rapid on-site information to aid situation management
Multi-target detection for environmental sampling
Easy to use pre-prepared test cartridges
User friendly interface requiring minimum training
Quick-change disposable cartridges for extended periods of operation
Adaptable platform technology suitable for a wide range of existing and future assays
Biohazard Detection Challenges
Biothreats to civilian and military installations are unfortunately becoming a common international concern. For this reason, the monitoring of environmental conditions is of increasing importance in a wide range of situations, including the battle-field, public gatherings and transport hubs. Therefore, the solutions adopted to monitor biohazards must be flexible and practical enough for rapid deployment in multiple scenarios.

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The Stratophase Solution
Our technology can be combined with label-free immunoassay chemistry to generate a highly specific, portable biodetection system. The platform offers comparable sensitivity to similar laboratory based techniques but in a format that can be easily deployed to any situation requiring the detection of biohazards.

Biodetection Cartridges 2
The low cost of our technology allows us to produce disposable test cartridges, each of which houses several testing regions and is capable of processing multiple samples or detecting as many as 20 different biological agents in parallel. Each cartridge can be re-used until each of the sensor areas has been utilised, and then simply replaced by a new cartridge from an automatic magazine or via user servicing.

Stratophase’s biodetection solution can take a number of formats depending on user requirements. In one case, the application of samples directly onto the sensor cartridge might be preferred, such as when carrying out on-demand testing. Where continuous monitoring is necessary, the cartridge can be combined with air sampling technology to provide real-time status information on the safety of the environment in question. Our technology can be combined with a variety of present and future immunoassays, providing a powerful on-site monitoring solution capable of detecting a large number of potential biothreats and hazards.

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