The Ranger Technology

We use our Ranger™ technology to monitor relative changes in the bioreactor culture medium in real time.

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Adaptive Feeding Control (AFC)

We use our Ranger™ technology to determine the needs of the culture based on the metabolic activity.


Rapid Optimisation

We then allow our Ranger™ technology to modify your standard process, in real time, over a course of runs to determine the optimium conditions for your cell line and product.


Adaptive Feeding Control at work

Changing metabolic activity directly controls feeding rate and peak metabolic activity per feed cycle determines the effect of changes to culture environment

The image shows a simplified plot demonstrating the generation of a AFC profile using the Ranger technology. The process is:

1) Peak metabolic activity detected

2) Drop in metabolic acitvity initiates feed addition


The Technology

The Ranger technology compromises of an in-situ sensor which detects minute changes in relative refractive index of the bioreactor culture medium. The Ranger system then analyses this datastream to determine the optimal process parameter settings based on the metabolic activity of the culture in real time based on the metabolic "demands" of the culture.

    The Benefits

    • Process development time reduced by weeks or months
    • Greater understanding of the nutritional needs of cultures
    • Enhance the process by feeding specific nutrients during the different stages of the process lifecycle
    • Scale independant technology
    • Ability to complete many more process development runs in a year

    The Experience

    Our methodology enables multi-parameter dynamic feed optimisation in single or multiple bioreactors, Our customers benefit from rapid process optimisation, greater process confidence and predictability within critical development timelines.


    Case Studies