Life science research and development

SpectroSens offers significant advantages for the measurement of bio-molecular interactions and kinetics in life science research and development.

In the critical area of life science research and development, SpectroSens sensors offer suitable levels of sensitivity for the direct observation and analysis of bio-molecular interactions, with particular advantages for high-throughput screening, drug discovery, and real-time bio-molecular kinetics measurements.

SpectroSens’ specific benefits for life science research and development include:

real-time data enables measurement of reaction kinetics
direct measurement without the need for expensive fluorescent tagging.
no requirement for temperature control.
detection of large and small biological targets, including proteins, viruses and bacteria, on the same microchip.
simultaneous discrete readings for more reliable measurement and detection.
providing more than simple binding data: it gives spectroscopic data which may be used to help identify the size and type of analyte binding.
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