PPLN for Difference Frequency Generation

Difference frequency generation schemeDifference Frequency Generation, DFG, can be used to generate wavelengths in the 2-5µm range by mixing two shorter wavelengths in a suitable PPLN crystal. Stratophase’s standard DFG crystals are designed to produce light at the difference between the frequencies of a fixed frequency Nd:YAG laser and a tuneable Ti Sappire, or similar lasers. The output wavelength is selected by tuning the input laser, selecting the correct grating in the PPLN crystal and varing the PPLN temperature.

AR Coated; Input facet approximately <1%R @ Pump wavelengths, Output facet approximately <2% @ generated wavelengths Multiple Gratings; Maximum Flexibility, tuning possible via temperature, grating or pump wavelength selection High efficiency generation of 2-5µm These crystals are available in other lengths and with different coatings as semi-standard products Crystals for other wavelengths are available as semi-standard or custom products. DFG crystals To purchase these products please contact Stratophase. A complete catalogue of PPLN crystals and accessories is also available to download here.