Stratophase unique ability and innovative edge.

Stratophase was established in 1999 to address technologies licensed from the University of Southampton, recognising the rising importance and global value of optical systems technology. Our core business elements focus on innovation, intelligent use of technology and information, and a rapid reaction to changes in science and demand. Our company works closely with its customers and provides specialist consultancy and innovative products.
Committed to investment in excellence and understanding, Stratophase is headed by a professional team assembled from the world-ranking Optoelectronics Research Centre of the University of Southampton, England. The combination of experience, knowledge, expertise and a track record of success gives Stratophase its unique ability and innovative edge.

Stratophase was founded by Peter Smith , Richard Williams and John Knowles . Technical expertise relating to Stratophase’s technology is supplied by Sam Watts (Head of Wavelength Conversion), Corin Gawith (Head of R&D; – Wavelength Conversion Crystals) and Greg Emmerson (Head of Waveguide Technology).